Hi there, I'm Aiden Mitchell. I'm a proud 15 year old Canadian and I own my company, 8086 Enterprises. I do tech support, web design, phone repair, or to sum it up, I deal with technology so others don't have to. We're hiring, so stop by the website to apply. I also co-host a podcast, The Crap You Don't Discuss. You can find it here. But enough self advertisements. Let's get on with it.

I've always liked technology and it's a growing industry with no signs of stopping. I've learned HTML & CSS from Treehouse, a great website to learn coding. Referral link here. And no, I'm not payed to say this (I wish). I'm also an Apple Certified iOS & Mac Technician. I took courses online through Apple, and also took the exams online. It cost a lot, but it's valuable experience. I penned a Reddit thread explaining where to find these courses and exams because you have to dig to find them, so if you're interested, I hope this helps. I love volunteering and helping in my community, and I'm hoping to start a technology club at my school.

That's all for now, although this page is still a work in progress.